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     Words...Confessing one God                                                                                           
     Name....The Lord God (Deut.6:4)                                                                                

     Words...Confessing trinity of persons                                                                                 
     Name....Using titles Father, Son & Holy Ghost (Matt. 28:19)                        
     Mode....Sprinkling (one time) so called Holy Water   

     Words...Confessing trinity of persons                                                                     
     Name....Using titles Father, Son & Holy Ghost                                                            
     Mode....Some immerse; others sprinkle        

     Words...Confessing one Great God                                                                              
     Name....Jesus Christ (Acts 2:38)                                                                            
     Mode....Immerse fully (one time)


Why be baptised according to the APOSTLES DOCTRINE?  For centuries this age-old question has faced religious leaders.  Did the apostles deliberately reject the great commission of Jesus Christ?, when He instructed them to go and make disciples, baptizing them in THE NAME of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost?  Did they start something that has no scriptural foundation when they instructed or commanded converts to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins?  If the apostles never did fulfill Jesus' great commission--then, who did and when?  This is a grave and serious question that must be faced by everyone (not as Pontius Pilate who once was faced with a grave decision concerning Jesus (the Word made flesh, John 1:14) and called for a basin of water to wash away his guilt).  He could not put away his guilt of the Word merely by a basin of water, hoping to wash it away.  Neither can you--but to get rid of the guilt one must be obedient to the Word that they are faced with.  Let us search diligently for an answer.

1. Is it scriptural to baptize converts in the name of Jesus Christ?  There are more scriptures pertaining to baptism into Christ than many main doctrines in the Bible.  Here we shall show why no other baptism could be sufficient.

     A.- Acts 2:38--Jews at Pentecost

     B.- Acts 8:12-16--Half-breeds, the Samaritans

     C.- Acts 10:45--Gentiles, of Cornelius household

Peter commanded them all to be baptized in the name of the Lord (the name of the Lord is no other than Jesus Christ)---Amplified translation--R.V. and Williams translation.

     D.- Acts 9:14--Saul, through fury, was hauling to prison all who called on the Name of the Lord.  (Acts 22:16)  Paul was baptized calling upon the of the Lord--King James Version.  (Williams trans.) Amplified trans. and Revised version says "calling on his name".

     E.- Romans 6:3-5--The saints at Rome were baptized by the apostle Paul in the name of the Lord Jesus--who died, was buried and rose again.  These twelve (12) disciples of John that Paul found in Ephesus had never been identified with Christ in death, burial and resurrection. (Rom. 6:3-5)

     F.- 1 Corn. 1:12-13--The saints at Corinth were asked three (3) questions, (1) Was Christ divided?  (2) Was Paul crucified for you?  (3) Were you baptized into the name of Paul, (signifying that they had definitely been baptized into a name).  It would be useless to be baptized in the name of Paul, for he had not died, been buried and rose again to life.  Baptism identified you with something that was dead, was buried and that is now alive again.  Now, in the same letter Paul mentions some of the sin that could never enter into the kingdom of God and he sums it up by saying such were some of you, but now you are washed, sanctified (set apart), and justified.  Notice how--by two things--(1) by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and (2) by the spirit of our God (1 Corn. 6:9-11).     

     G.- Last but not least, we must be buried with Christ in Baptism.  This baptism can only be administered by one already in the revelation of Jesus Christ.  Here is the only Christian baptism.  The only baptism that can link you up in the fullness of Christ--His death, His burial and His resurrection.  Now let us examine the trinity formula as the trinitarians believe that the Father is one person, the Son is another person and the Holy Ghost is a third person.  (Three persons in the godhead)  Well, you only could be identified with the Son if you believe this (the son, being Jesus Christ).  For, bear this in mind what baptism is and what it represents--death, burial and resurrection.  When did the Father die?  When was He buried?  When did He rise again?  And, when did the Holy Ghost die, when was he buried and when did he rise again?  Oh, honest heart who seeks divine truth, don't you see it?  Father and Holy Ghost could not possible be two separate persons apart from the Son.  Scriptural baptism identifies you with the only one who died, was buried and rose again.  This mysterious  water baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of sins links you with Christ Jesus--not the Father or Holy Ghost.  If they were two separate spirit persons apart from the Son--WHICH THEY CERTAINLY ARE NOT!! They are ONE!!  

If the Apostles did not have the revelation of Matthew 28:19 and it was not fulfilled in Acts 2:38 that Jesus Christ was the name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Ghost, then the Apostles, as well as ourselves must face twelve (12) terrible mistakes.

     (1) That Christ absolutely lied when He said He opened the disciples understanding that they might understand the scripture, beginning back with Moses (Luke 24:44-45).

     (2) That Paul wasted his prayer on the Ephesians when he prayed that their understanding be opened (Eph. 1:18).

     (3) That all the time Christ tried to teach His disciples, 3.5 years, WAS WASTED!

     (4) That His death, burial and resurrection was of no profit to the apostles who tried to carry on after His death.

     (5) That all the instructions He gave them for 40 days after the resurrection was useless and empty.

     (6) That the anointing of the spirit which they were tarrying for in Jerusalem was of no avail--it led them wrong.

     (7) That in Christ program of redeeming the lost, He utterly failed to choose men capable of taking instructions after schooling them Himself for 3.5 years.

     (8) That Peter led astray some 3,000 honest hearted Jews who never made it and filled Jerusalem with a false doctrine.

     (9) That Jesus must have been mentally unbalanced to turn the keys of the kingdom over to someone as stupid as Peter who fouled up the first message he ever delivered, thinking he was using his keys properly (Matt. 16:19) opening the door of the grace age to the Jews and at Cornelius house he opened the door to the Gentiles.

     (10) That heaven was also confused for an angel came to Cornelius and told him to send for Peter who would tell him words where he and his household could be saved. (Acts 11:14)

     (11) That God the Father must also be insane to send one so incapable as Jesus Christ to this earth on such an important mission only to turn it all over to twelve (12) ingeramouses who could not even get one little message to the people after God had sent Jews from every nation to hear it. (Acts 2:5)

     (12) Peter must have gone momentarily insane to believe that this message of repentance, baptism and receiving the Holy Ghost as Acts 2:38 records was for Jew and Gentile (as many as the Lord our God would ever call).

     How thankful the Lord God Almighty must be to Constantine, the Roman Emperor, the Roman Catholic Church and her harlot daughters, the Protestants, for engaging such a war against the Apostle's doctrine and stomping it out.  According to Collier's New Ency., Vol.10, page 3, the word trinity is not even found in the scriptures and is said to have been first used by Theopilus, Bishop of Antioch, in the second century.

     Brittanica Ency. Vol. 3, pages 365-366, the triune and trinity formula as not uniformly used from the beginning, and up until the third century, baptism in the Name of Christ only was so wide-spread that Pope Stephen, in opposition to St. Cypeian, said that baptism in the name of Christ was valid.  But the Catholic missionaries, by omitting one or more persons of the Trinity when they were baptized, were anathematized (cursed) by the Roman Church.  Now the formula of Rome is "I baptize thee in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and the Holy Ghost".

     (The following information is offered as proof that church history as well as the Scriptures proves water baptism in Jesus Name was practiced for 300 years after Christ, and was changed by the Roman Catholic Church).

     1. Dictionary of the Bible by Scribners, page 241, Vol. 1.  The originial form of words were into the Name of  Jesus Christ or Lord Jesus.  Baptism into the Trinity was a later development. 

     2. Canney Ency. page 53- The early church always baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus until the development of the Trinity, afterward they were baptized in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

     3. New International Ency. Vol. 22, page 476- Trinity Doctrine.  The Catholic faith is this: we worship one God in Trinity, but there is one person of Father, another of the Son and another of the Holy Ghost.  The Glory equal - the Majesty co-eternal.  The doctrine is not found in its fully developed form in the Scriptures.  Modern theology does not seek to find it in the Old Testament.  At the time of the Reformation the Protestant Church took over the doctrine of the Trinity without serious examination.

     4. World Book Ency. Vol. 16, page 7270- But the doctrine of the three in one is considered to be a mystery for which there is not adequate explanation.  The first authoritative statement of belief in Father, Son and Holy Ghost was made by the earliest General Council of Churches held at Nice in 325 A.D. which also declared the Son to be equal substance with the Father. 


     If you reject the Apostles Doctrine of baptism into the Lord Jesus Christ which will lead you into the revelation of Truth after Jesus Himself prayed for all who would believe on Him through the Apostles words, (John 17:20) and you go ahead and accept the trinity baptism into three separate persons, then you automatically are identified with the Roman Catholic Church for you have received their baptism!

Note: Parts of this article taken from THUS SAITH THE LORD magazine.

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